Gdeslon? — partner network for eCommerce traffic. The network offers the opportunity for online shops, travel portals and other online services to conduct online advertising campaigns with payment for action. The project is a division of KOKOC GROUP.


Gdeslon? — or Where's the Elephant? — is one of the oldest CPA networks in Russia, and we are honored to design for the company. Essentially, the site is a "front door" for access to an updated interface. By the way, the platform itself was also developed by us, as well as the new logo.

gdeslon website - where is the elephant

The first version of the design was very bold. Our lead designer Max created an incredibly cool website with three-dimensional objects, interesting metaphors, animations, minimalistic at the same time. In addition, we prepared an animation for the presentation in Principle.

The first version of the design

Unfortunately, it wasn't what the client imagined.

We support e-commerce, not sell toys. Let's think more!

The client also wanted to see how the site would work, to understand where the links would lead, the structure of the future project.

This time we started looking for inspiration in startup sites with their bright, flat illustrations that attract attention.


We picked up human-like illustrations with simple metaphors, made them match with the colors of the new logo and collected a new homepage.

arrow-compare-left.svg arrow-compare-right.svg

For the convenience of the client we also made a clickable prototype in Figma. Not just gray squares on white background, but almost fully working site with illustrations, colors, fonts.

Look at this. It's fascinating, isn't it?
prototype — gdeslon


The client appreciated this approach, because clicking on the buttons and links of your future site is much more interesting and understandable than just look at static images. Through the prototype, we tested all our UX hypotheses, and the customer was able to see the UI.

The customer decided to do frontend himself, so we prepared an UI-kit, based on Google Material Design.

material design logo

In addition to the main light theme, we also prepared elements for dark design "for later". The UI-kit describes basic constants: typography, colors, input forms, button reactions, iconography, modal windows and so on.

Gdeslon? — UI KIT
Gdeslon? — UI KIT
Gdeslon? — UI KIT
Gdeslon? — UI KIT
Gdeslon? — UI KIT

We prepared several dozens of pages of layout, sections for webmasters and advertisers, information about tools and offers, help center, service pages, modal windows and alerts.

Advertiser's page
Advertiser's page
Advertiser's page
Advertiser's page
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