Memberset is a U.S.-based application designed to run paid group chats. The product is aimed at gamers, bloggers, Influencers, professional communities, and people who want to network with like-minded people.

The client approached us to redesign the product and at the same time to update the website. The company is located in the U.S. and is focused on the international market, the project was communicated in English, which was a serious experience for us.

About the project

We started the project with website development. The client is a professional and knows very well the technology of developing digital products. That is why he took over part of the project management and even taught us some things.

Home page
Home page
Home page
Home page
Home page
Home page

First we familiarized ourselves with what was available. The site was designed in turquoise colors, full of well-chosen illustrations. In principle, the site fulfilled its function, but already needed updating, especially considering the market that the company is aimed at.


Old version of the site design


After several iterations of coordination within the company, we presented the client updated wireframes of the future site, which were immediately accepted.



Next, we started on the concept. Here the situation was not so rosy. It took us a long time to release the right concepts, and then we had several approvals with the client.

arrow-compare-left.svg arrow-compare-right.svg

The lead designer suggested a laconic solution with gradients, as well as creating a light and dark theme for the site - a trend of the last few years, which has not lost its relevance.

The Style Guide was also prepared for the light and dark theme. The frontend guys had no problem!

Then we adapted the site for mobile devices, sent it to the layout, and began work on the interface of the application itself, but about this in another case.

Mobile version of the site
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