Mobisharks is a technology-savvy agency for mobile solutions, launching and promotion of applications. The agency is a division of KOKOC GROUP.


Develop a new creative website for the agency.

About the project

The first website of Mobisharks appeared in the distant (by mobile standards) year 2015. The main color was red, with a circle with three shark fins as the logo.

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When time for a new site for the agency has come, there was no question what the image on the main page is going to be — of course it was a shark. The only choice was about a type of shark.

At the brainstorming session our designers and marketers offered many options. From a painted funny shark to a crazy cyberpunk monster killer.

We even tried to replace the shark with a hammerfish.


Creative website for the agency
Where did you see sharks like that in the first place?

- said the client.

This option, of course, was not accepted. But we did define the basic style-forming constants:

  • dark background;
  • uppercase printing;
  • block structure.

Our designers went through dozens of fonts and chose the Manrope font for its simplicity.

In addition to the main page, we also took care of creating the internal ones. At first, we wanted to focus on mobile applications development. The company offered three different development packages. Below is the page of the "Light" package.

Later on, the client felt that development was not something worth highlighting and focused on promotion. In addition, our designers had to pull out the menu, which improved usability of the site and made it more user-friendly.

The style of the inside pages is slightly different from the main page, but the design constants are unchanged. Specifically for them we developed a whole package of illustrations.

Illustrations - Mobisharks

Designers created more than 20 page templates and their adaptations for mobile devices.

Adaptations for mobile devices

There are also interesting features which visitors pay attention to, such as a cool preloader and "flashlight" on the main page.

Just click and take a look!

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