Riviera Park


The French quarters of the Riviera Park are the only large scale European-style development in the capital of Udmurtia. 


Develop a selling site for the project.

How did we work

Riviera Park was originally run by professionals, not only from the construction field, but also from marketing. It's team came up with a complex but convenient structure for the future project. All we had to do was implement it.

The home page is divided into three main areas: the first is residential real estate, which is the main version of the site.


The second direction is commercial real estate with more businesslike and discreet design.


Special attention is paid to Premium class real estate. The design of this part of the site is even more restrained and minimalistic.


The client's specialists took the project so seriously that they instructed us to prepare a separate page of the sales office.


Besides, the project has a demo floor, we also prepared a page for that.


A separate innovation of the project is the availability of cashback, which was prepared by the client in cooperation with M-Video.


In fact, each page of the site is a landing page, with its own unique design. For example, a page for nonresident is not like the others.


It seems amazing how we brought all the various pages of the site to a unified style.

It's as simple as that. We used:

  • Unusual narrow font Bebas Neue for headlines.
  • High-quality photos.
  • A catchy pack of icons.
  • Similar structure to the menu.

The photos of the company's employees became another linking element. Their friendly faces offer to discuss details of a user's needs at the end of each page.

In addition to the website development, we prepared an animated presentation https://project.rivpark.ru/, a static version of which you can see on our website https://presentation.landau-inc.ru/en.

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